Whether you’re an amateur musician looking to share your love of music with like-minded individuals, a professional musician seeking local performance opportunities and collaborators, a student musician interested in mentorship and leadership development, or a music lover who wants to support the arts in Contra Costa County, membership in CCPAS has many benefits to offer.

Our members enjoy: 

  • Regular advance notice of all concerts and other CCPAS events via email, including detailed programs for every concert.  

  • Participation in CCPAS chapters and their varied activities, including regular workshops, performances, and other events. Many CCPAS chapters meet several times per month; in addition to holding public recitals, chapters offer wonderful opportunities for mentoring and feedback, honing performance skills, and fellowship with fellow musicians and music lovers. 

  • Music teachers who are CCPAS members may use Grace Presbyterian Church for their private studio recitals, including use of the Steinway and Baldwin grand pianos owned and maintained by CCPAS.

  • Student members in particular benefit from a range of mentoring and leadership development activities, helping them to gain confidence both as performers and as community leaders. 

  • A printed copy of the annual CCPAS Directory, which contains a complete guide to all of our concerts, workshops, student activities and other programs. In addition, the Directory lists the members, the instrument(s) each plays and vocal ranges as applicable, as well as member contact information. (To be included in the Directory, your application and dues for the coming year must be received by July 15. If you prefer, you may choose NOT to be listed in the directory.)

  • An opportunity to give back to the community and perform in a low-key setting through participation in community outreach activities at John Muir Hospital, Lafayette Theater, and other selected venues.

We invite you to become a member and explore all that CCPAS has to offer!