One of the challenges of CCPAS is managing the concert facilities at our performing venues, particularly at Grace Presbyterian Church.  We have to move chairs, music stands, and instruments, frequently the large pianos.  We’ve tried enlisting members of CCPAS to be responsible for this task on a regular basis, but this has not proved to be a reliable solution.  This problem has long been a topic of discussion at Board Meetings, and if there is anything that we learned over time, it is that there is no magic solution.

Therefore we are asking our performers to assume the responsibility for managing their setup, and the restoration at the end. It is important that you follow these guidelines to maintain good relations with our playing-venue hosts and ensure our continued welcome at their facilities. There often will be a House Manager available to help.


  • Performers need to arrange for the set up for their performance.  For example, you probably will need to move the piano. Recruit your spouses and friends!

  • At the end of the concert, performers are responsible for returning chairs, piano, etc. back to their original position.
    • Be sure the pianos are returned to their pre-concert positions and that the Dampp-Chaser dehumidifier unit is plugged in).
    • Any chairs that were moved need to be re-positioned. At Grace there is a chart which is kept on top of the Steinway piano.
    • Any trash or other materials left from the performance must be removed. 
  • Performers who wish to record must set up their equipment well before the concert. Church equipment is not available.

Needless to say, different groups having facilities’ requirements during the same concert will have to work together to insure a smooth transition from one performance to the next. We appreciate your cooperation.