The Contra Costa Performing Arts Society (CCPAS) is a non-profit organization founded by Rosamond M. Davis in 1974 to promote the performing arts among its members and within the greater Contra Costa community. 

Our goals are:

  • To foster the growth and appreciation of the performing arts in Contra Costa County
  • To encourage youth by providing performance and educational programs
  • To provide performance opportunities for community artists and encourage sharing of their talents for mutual enjoyment, education, and fellowship.

We invite you to explore the various sections of our website to learn more about the concerts, educational activities, and other offerings that make CCPAS a treasured arts organization for the Contra Costa community. 

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CCPAS is a non-profit charitable organization with tax-exempt status under IRS Code Section 501(c)(3) and does not compensate its performers, computers, officers, directors, or administrative staff.