CCPAS Workshops

The friendly and collegial atmosphere of the workshops offers opportunities for members to try out music before performing in public, or to just share it with fellow music lovers. Workshops are usually held in the homes of members, monthly, except in December. During the summer months, not all workshops continue—contact the chair of the group in which you are interested. Visitors are welcome. Please check the monthly newsletters to confirm dates, times, and locations, and always RSVP to the host or hostess, as certain homes may have space limitations. For more information, please call the appropriate chairperson.

Piano Workshops :

  Concert Performer Pianists
This workshop invites all pianists who have successfully auditioned and have been accepted as a Concert Performing member. Workshops are held on the second Monday of each month (September - May, except December) and begin at 9:30 a.m. Please check the monthly Newsletter for any changes and RSVP each Host if you plan to attend.

Recital Pianists
This workshop performs early advanced through advanced classical music and gives three recitals a year at Grace Presbyterian Church.

Workshops begin at 2:00 p.m. on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of most months when the group does not give a recital. Please check your Newsletter for details. All CCPAS members and friends are invited and encouraged to attend these recitals.

Etude Pianists
Workshops begin at 1:00 p.m. on the 2nd Friday of most months. This is a great opportunity for any and all pianists to play, listen, and enjoy the fellowship of other pianists. Please see monthly Newsletters for details of time and place.

Jazz Piano
Jazz piano workshop meets monthly, to discuss and perform jazz arrangements of standards (from the Great American Songbook), transcriptions from jazz artists, and original jazz compositions. This is a piano group, welcoming jazz singers and instrumentalists.

CCPAS offers two kinds of concerts: outreach and general public.  Outreach concerts will be held for the Lafayette Senior Center, at the Lafayette Concert Hall in October, February, and April.  Workshop members will also perform at Grace Presbyterian Church (Grace) in Walnut Creek for the general public in January and June.  All CCPAS members and friends are invited and encouraged to attend all performances. Free to CCPAS members, non-members will be charged a nominal fee at concerts held in the Lafayette Library. 

Workshops are generally held on the 3rd Friday of the month at 10:30 a.m. There will be no Jazz Piano Workshop in the months of October, February, or April.  Please check the monthly newsletter for any changes, and RSVP to the host if you plan to attend.

Piano Composers' Workshop
The Piano Composers’ Group offers a forum for performing original piano works and piano-accompaniment compositions. Motivation and encouragement is provided through the support of the group, and positive feedback is given only when requested by the composer. Workshops are very informal and no one is required to perform, though it is very much encouraged and welcomed. Regular attendance at workshops and concerts is seen as very important within this group.

Meetings are held monthly at Sherman Clay Pianos in downtown Walnut Creek, announced via email to the group. Please contact Justin Levitt at justin.pianist@gmail.com for more information. Piano Composers’ Concerts are held several times a year; please watch the CCPAS newsletter for details.

Organ Workshops
This informal group meets on an irregular basis to explore and play new organ installations in the Bay Area, attend organ concerts and workshops, get together for music sharing on an organ of interest to the group.  Please contact the chairperson for additional information.


Harpsichord Workshops
Harpsichord enthusiasts will gather together several times during the season to discuss and perform compositions written for this forerunner of the modern piano. Works written after the Baroque period are welcome. Details are in the annual Directory and in your Newsletter.

Adult Chamber Music Master Classes
These workshops will be offered to ensembles in which at least one player is a member of PAS. Distinguished chamber musicians from the Bay Area will conduct each master class in which two ensembles will participate. Selection of the groups will be by lottery. The cost per individual will vary depending on the total number of paticipants, and CCPAS members will receive a discount of $10. The public will be invited to observe.