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CCPAS welcomes college, high school, and intermediate school classical music students to take part in its various student activities. These activities include Student Concerts, Voice and Instrumental Scholarships, the Sturm-Page Piano Scholarship, the Piano Master Class, and the Student Music Ensemble Workshop. Some of these may require that their teachers are CCPAS members. A nominal application fee may be charged for some student activities.

Piano and instrumental students, grades 6 and younger, may join PAS activities – with teacher approval – if they are performing at MTAC Certificate of Merit Level 6 or higher. Voice students are limited to the High School Division. Age limit for student participation in the Voice and Instrumental Scholarship Competition is 18 years old. Pianists, age 16-24, may participate in the Sturm-Page Piano Scholarship Competition.

Students are encouraged to join CCPAS as part of a family membership.

Student Chapter Concerts - twice yearly ​

From our 2014 Winter Student Concert! 

March 1, 2014

Student FAQs


What is the Student Chapter?

We are a chapter under the Contra Costa Performing Arts Society, open to 6th to 12th grade classical musicians who are looking for performance opportunities and musical activities. The Student Chapter is very similar to a music club -- but for student musicians. We arrange and organize workshops on various topics (such as applying to music colleges, music camps, recording at home and more), field trips (to various musical performances), opportunities for community service (mainly senior home tours that occur year-round), and plenty of performance opportunities (bi-annual Student Concert, informal Student Concerts, etc). Our activities are tailored to inform and entertain musicians at a younger age so we have plenty of informal events such as informal concerts, movie nights, and kick-off/orientation parties. All our performances, meetings, and activities happen in the Bay Area.


Is there a big time commitment for members?

It’s totally up to you, we want you to participate in as many events as possible! However, we do understand that as teenagers, we can be very busy juggling school, family, and other extracurriculars. None of our events are mandatory.


How do members stay connected and updated?

We have a Facebook page that members can like in order to share and exchange information, pictures, questions, or even upcoming concerts! The address is as follows:


There are also monthly e-mails with updates and events and our formal website is:



How can I join the CCPAS Student Chapter?

Our pdf application is available online at http://www.ccpas.org/Students/student-chapter-announcement, at the bottom of the page. Print it out, fill it in, then mail it in along with a $15 application fee.


Who can join?

The Student Chapter is open to student classical musicians from the 6th to 12th grade.


I’m a vocalist. Can I join the Student Chapter?

Absolutely! Vocalists are welcome to join.


Do I have to be a member to participate?

Non-members are free to join the chapter for one event (a workshop, a retirement home performance, a field trip, etc), but must be registered as a member in order to join a second event. For the student concert, there is a $15 fee unless your teacher is a member of the PAS or you are a member of the Student Chapter.


How do I sign up for events?

At the head of every month the council will send out an email to all chapter members outlining the planned events for the month. This usually ranges from 1-3 events per month. Members sign up by either a) replying to the email itself or b) sending an email to the organizer’s email, if the address is mentioned and the email says to do so.


Is there a minimum of events I must attend to be a member?

The requirement is that each member attend at least one event a year to remain in the chapter.


What performance opportunities are there?

We hold retirement home performances each month, which are much more casual than the formal student concert. Music memorization is not required at retirement homes. We also hold bi-annual student concerts which are a formal performance opportunity.  

If you have anymore questions, please email us at pas_students@yahoo.com.

CCPAS Student Event Videos

Winter 2014 Student Concert - March 1, 2014
Student Ensemble Concert - November 17, 2013
Fall 2013 Student Concert - October 20, 2013
Winter 2013 Student Concert - February 12, 2012
Fall 2012 Student Concert - October 28, 2012
Student Piano Improvisation Workshop - March 10, 2012
Winter 2012 Student Concert - February 12, 2012
Fall 2011 Student Concert - November 6, 2011
Winter 2011 Student Concert - February 13, 2011

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events
We hope everyone has had a very enjoyable summer break! Here are some exciting events that we have planned for the month of September:

Winter Student Concert
Join us on Saturday, March 1st at Grace Prespetarian Church at 7:00PM for a free student concert!

Piano Accompanist Registry
Calling all interested pianists! If you would like to be added to our growing registry of piano accompanists (there is always a demand for them within the Student Chapter!) please e-mail pas_students@yahoo.com, with your name, e-mail, town, and age. Please also include the subject line "Piano Accompanist Registry sign-up"! 

Student Chapter Announcement


Calling classical instrumentalists and vocalists, ages 11-18, Grades 6-12!

Want to be part of a regional music organization and meet other student musicians? Then come join the new Student Chapter of the Contra Costa Performing Arts Society, a non-profit organization that has promoted the fellowship of classical musicians and vocalists and provided performance opportunities for the community since 1974. Lots of opportunities are available; meetings are optional.

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